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Refresh & Recycle

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why we do what we do

Like many of you, we had terrible relationships with our sock drawers; boring colors, missing socks, worn-out pairs. Starting fresh meant choosing between cheap, poor-quality blacks and grays or spending a fortune on designer socks. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created Nice Laundry to make it easy for everyone to refresh their entire sock drawers with just a few clicks.

Now we're onto the next thing we want to revolutionize: underwear. Suffering from many of the same problems as the sock drawer, your underwear drawer can now also be refreshed with just a few clicks. We've put the same love and attention that we do in our socks into our underwear, and we think you'll agree.

Man bending down on some stairs to fix Nice Laundry american flag socks shot in a black in white photo.

100% gamechanger guarantee. love your first pair or it's on us.

Our promise to you: high quality, thoughtful engineering, fair prices, fast, free shipping, top-notch customer service and recycling. All day, every day. Obsessively delivering on these ideals propels us. Join us, help us; we'd love to have you.

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Big problem, simple solution.

The US is on track to generate 35 billion pounds of textile waste by 2019, one of the fastest growing waste products in the world. Fortunately, textiles are also one of the most recyclable waste products. A pair of socks can save up to 17 gallons of water and 66 BTU's of energy. Now imagine what your old socks and underwear can do. When your old essentials arrive at our recycling facility, they will be graded. Goods that are in lightly worn condition are professionally washed, sanitized and sent to areas of need. The rest are shredded into fibers and turned into things like home insulation. Sometimes the best solutions are simple.

so what do I do?

Every Nice Laundry order is eligible for a prepaid shipping label, on us. Simply send us your old socks and/or underwear in the packaging your order came in and we'll take care of the rest. We've partnered with 2ReWear Inc. to make sure your old essentials are recycled responsibly and efficiently. Email to get started.

Start Fresh