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Nice Laundry: A Fresh Start

Published July 17, 2013
New Beginnings

Born out of frustration, Phil and I had a vision: let’s make it easy for anyone to start fresh with their sock drawers. Let’s make it convenient, affordable and socially responsible. Let’s pick the hottest colors, patterns and styles. Let’s be transparent in our dealings. Let’s make it look beautiful and wrap everything with top-notch service and genuine care for each and every customer. Let’s right all of the wrongs in e-commerce.

But would people even care?

To answer that all-important question, we said “let’s let the people decide for themselves” and launched a Kickstarter campaign. It’s been said that “your best investors are your customers”, and we dug that.

Long story short, even we were surprised at the response:





  • We broke the then-record for most backers for a fashion Kickstarter’s opening day
  • 4x our funding goal
  • 40+ press hits and a TV news appearance
  • 71 Red Bulls and 143 coffees consumed by me and Phil

So what does this all mean?

We’re off to a great start, but still far from the finish line. Invigorated by 2,000+ loyal, adventurous customers believers, we decided right then and there to do this thing right. Let’s double down on transparency, customer service and social responsibility. Above all, let’s deliver great socks at an amazing price. Let’s deliver fresh starts to everyone who wants one.

From the bottom of our hearts, a big thank you to all of you who supported us from the start. Beers are always on us.

For those of you who we haven’t had the pleasure of serving, we look forward to it. 

Ricky + Phil