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Playing The Match Game

Published June 15, 2015

Any self-respecting man of style knows how to match their socks with their pants and shoes. Here we have the answers to the never ending match game. Amplify your outfit by going the extra step and matching your socks to your look (some ideas for that here). Luckily, playing the match game can be done in a few ways. 

ALWAYS: The add-ons

If you're a real dandy, and accessorize your outfit with toppings like a pocket square, socks can tie the whole story together. Pick one accent color, and integrate little hints of it throughout the items. 

SOMETIMES: The pants

Let the solid colors do the talking. If you're sporting a dark pair of pants at work, go bold. Adding a little pop in the sock can lighten up the look. If you happen to like funky colored pants, tread lightly with the socks to ensure you don't end up with a look that says, "This is all I had left in my closet." 

NEVER: The shoes

Pull a 180 and make sure your socks have nothing to do with your shoes. Matching a brown shoe with a brown sock can give the illusion that you're rocking a pair of booties. Instead, if the shoe is solid, go wild with the pattern.