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Fall Trends To Keep Your Closet Happy: Bags

Published November 04, 2014

With Summer officially over and colder weather just around the corner, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe. From head to toe we’ve got you covered with quality colorful socks and the hottest Fall and Winter trends to match.

In your quest to upgrade your wardrobe this Fall, don’t forget to about those little details. Specifically the details you sling on over your shoulder on the way to work and out of town for the weekend. This Fall we’ve tapped Mismo has our go to for the season’s slickest bags.

While your dad’s briefcase may seem too stuffy and old fashioned to lug to the office every day, your old college backpack is not a good look. Check out the Mismo’s Morris bag for a modern upgrade on the old standard. A leather briefcase design, the bag is sturdy while also looking great pared with your best workday suit.

Since we first launched, our Exec packs have always been a mainstay of every collection. Our newest, the Exec III pack is no exception. Just because you’re chained to a desk forty hours a week, doesn’t mean you have to be chained to a boring pair of dress socks.

This fall, throw out that old backpack in favor of something a little more grown up. For those frequent holiday weekends away, consider Mismo’s Ace Dufflebag. Spacious with an elegant design, this bag is equal parts utility and style.

No matter if you’re spending your weekend away with family for the holidays, or surrounded by friends in a cabin upstate— don’t forget to pack some colorful socks that will be sure to set you apart from the rest. Check out the new designs in our Luminary pack for something truly unique.

Keep your eyes on our blog all month for more Fall and Winter trends to keep your closet happy.