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Published June 16, 2014

As the former publicist for Chicago’s iconic 900 North Michigan Shops and the second city’s current go-to guy for style and fashion advice, Ryan Beshel knows the ins and outs of dressing for success. Taking a moment out of his busy schedule, he sat down with us to talk a bit about men’s accessories, and how the oft-neglected top drawer is now a key player in every modern guy’s wardrobe.

The first thing on Beshel’s list isn’t something you wear, but something you smell. You probably haven’t heard of a drawer sachet before (we hadn’t), but Beshel swears by them. “Nothing is better than opening your top drawer in the morning to release a subtle, masculine scent into the air.” You may have avoided this kind of thing in the past because of their traditionally flowery scents, but owning a drawer sachet doesn’t mean having all of your socks smelling like lavender— Try something a little more old school outdoorsman like Beshel's favorite: “My go-to scent is always cedar.”

The last thing you may think about upgrading is probably the least seen, but no less important. “If you're still wearing those baggy Tasmanian Devil boxers, it's time to make the switch to something a bit more grown-up,” Beshel says, making sure to note that it’s the fit that matters most here. Make the move to something like a comfortable boxer briefs or anything that won’t hang out of the back of your dress pants. “I suppose you can keep the cartoons, for now.”

“Small details are what makes the man” Beshel says, moving on to an accessory you may have forgot about: cufflinks. You probably haven’t thought about cufflinks since the last time you forgot to return a set with your tux rental. But according to Beshel, it might be time to invest in a pair of your own: “cufflinks can speak volumes for any smartly dressed gent.” If you want to look smart, get onboard.

It’s time to diversify your tie collection, and in Beshel’s world, that means a bowtie. “Use the bowtie to tell the world :’I'm serious about looking good, but I don't take myself too seriously,’” he says of the frequently maligned neck ornament. The bowtie may seem old school to you now, but give it a try and turn some heads. “Go for one of Plank's wooden bowtie,” Beshel adds, “conversation-starters all day long.”


Beshel is no stranger to conversation starting accessories, and when he’s not sporting an eye catching wooden bowtie, he likes to stand out with a nice pair of fancy socks. “Popping a bit of color with your socks will let everyone know that ‘the scary man all in black’ is a lot more fun than you might think” Beshel says of the reason we’re all here. He digs the bright, monochrome in our Prepster pack or the bold designs in the Wild Child II.

For more tips and to see Beshel sporting some of the duds mentioned here, follow him on Instagram @ryanbeshel.