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Published June 05, 2014

Looking for the best way to ruin your day? Try sporting waterlogged threads from head to toe for the better part of your morning commute. With a historically rainy summer looming ahead, it’s time to check your closet and make sure you’re prepped and ready to stay dry in style.


You know the feeling— that familiar squish of damp cotton socks that you’ll be stuck with if you don’t have the right shoes to protect your socks from the deepest puddles. Ditch those old Wellingtons this summer and check out SWIMS. They offer over-the-shoe galoshes or stylish and waterproof loafers that are subtle but stylish. For something a little sturdier you can check out more subdued wellington alternatives like Tretorn’s Strala or a more traditional duck boot from LL Bean.


Duck Boots by LL Bean



Summer outerwear can be tricky in the summertime. But with fluctuating temperatures and unpredictable rain, it’ll be key to have the right lightweight and waterproof gear to keep you looking fresh. Brands like RAINS have made parkas cool again, bringing the practical jacket back into the zeitgeist. If you’re looking to grab this look on the cheap, TOPMAN offers many comparable alternatives.

If you’re looking to hold on to that Mad Men swag in the office, then a classic trench coat is your ideal choice for keeping a suit dry in any season. Burberry is the obvious choice here, but Urban Outfitters offers up a more affordable, modern spin on the classic design.



Take a moment to add up all the money you’ve wasted on every $6 umbrella that you’ve deserted on a rainy sidewalk. A smart guy will find something that will last through more than one bad thunderstorm and keep him looking effortlessly cool to boot. For something compact but still indestructible, check out the Davek Mini. Looking for something more traditional, FIlson is at the top of their game.