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introducing: darkhorse athletic

written by Danny Groh — August 07, 2017
introducing: darkhorse athletic
introducing: darkhorse athletic

5 reasons to try performance gym socks that are built to last

Did you know? Your feet have over 250,000 sweat glands (that's why they tend to get stinky).

Cotton is far from ideal when it comes to moisture absorption and comfort during a run or workout.

1. This is why we created a proprietary fabric specifically for performance: Hydra10™ nylon.

 It absorbs more than 10x its weight in water, and is knitted with compounds to promote efficient heat exchange and a cooling effect.

2. A full micro-mesh top maximizes breathability.

Protip: wear these puppies with a lightweight knit running shoe to feel the full effect.

3. Anti-chafe tabs help reduce blisters.

That annoying area where your sneaker meets your foot? It now is protected by a comfortable tab.

4. Compression archbands provide extra support.

Most gym exercises and running put additional stress on your feet. Great sneakers are part of relieving the extra pressure, but our compression archband give much needed extra support.

Additionally, targeted padding at the forefoot and heel help cushion your feet.

5. Isosphere™ heel to keep your foot in place.

Quick movements increase the importance of making sure your socks stay in place to reduce blisters and irritation.

These are high-tech technical athletic socks built to last. Combine them with a 100% gamechanger guarantee and you have nothing to lose by giving them a shot.

If you don't love your first pair, it's on us. Read more here

Plus, enjoy free shipping on all US orders.