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5 reasons to try the new Nice Laundry boxer brief

written by Mike Jacob — October 26, 2016
5 reasons to try the new Nice Laundry boxer brief

With millions of socks sold, we knew it was time to introduce our next frontier; high quality, fairly-priced men’s underwear. After a year of development and lots of feedback, we are proud to present our boxer brief.

1. Made from Lenzing Modal®, our boxer brief is soft, stretchy, supportive and odor-resistant. Modal, which is made from shredded beechwood fibers is also eco-friendly and sustainable.

2. While most underwear is a one or two-piece construction, our underwear is a five-piece construction. Your lower body isn’t two-dimensional, so why should your underwear be a flat garment? The different pieces in our underwear allow it to conform precisely to your body, while also providing support to key areas.

3. Our multi-piece, double layer contour pouch provides luxurious comfort and freedom but also makes sure you’re secure. Underwear pouches are commonly designed as one-piece affairs, which can lead to restriction and smashing. The rear horizontal yoke in our underwear also moves this potentially irritable seam up and away from any sensitive areas.

4. You’ll also notice that the inner thigh seams in our underwear are rotated forward, which moves them away from the inside of your legs, a high friction area. Every single stitch on our underwear is double flat-lock, which provides for a very smooth, low-profile feel.

5. Lastly, our extra-plush waistband is felted on the inside so there’s minimal surface interaction between your skin and the elastic. Our waistband alone costs us more than what most companies are paying for their entire pair of underwear.

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