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Steal of the Week: $99 Sock Drawer Makeover

written by Danny Groh — February 08, 2018
Steal of the Week: $99 Sock Drawer Makeover
Steal of the Week: $99 Sock Drawer Makeover

This New York City startup has just perfected the formula for upgrading your entire sock and underwear drawers in just a few clicks: it’s fast, stylish, high-quality and a great deal.

Most guys have terrible relationships with their sock and underwear drawers; boring colors, worn-out pairs, missing socks, etc. Everyone wants to just start fresh with brand-new socks and underwear, but this traditionally meant choosing between cheap, poor-quality black and white pairs or spending a fortune on designer socks and underwear. This challenge inspired the Nice Laundry founders to build the best sock and underwear shopping experience possible.

The process of buying Nice Laundry is a welcome change from the days of the past. Simply select which size box you want — small (up to 6 pairs for $59), medium (up to 12 pairs for $99), or large (up 18 pairs for $119) — and “build your box” by choosing which pairs you’d like. Choose from their 100+ styles of underwear, patterned socks, dress socks, athletic socks and no-shows.

Nice Laundry makes it easy to refresh your socks and underwear, and helps you recycle your old ones for free

The proverbial cherry on top of this amazing experience is the complimentary pre-paid shipping label to recycle your old socks and underwear. An industry-first offering, you’ll be enjoying your new drawer jam-packed with awesome socks and underwear while your old essentials are being 100% recycled in a zero-waste process. Simply send back your old socks and/or underwear in the packaging your order came in and they'll take care of the rest. The top-tier of goods will be professionally sanitized and sent to areas of need. The balance will either be repurposed as textile or shredded into fibers and turned into things like home insulation, depending on condition.


A special offer for our readers: Claim a special edition bonus pair and free US shipping on any order today when you sign up for their email newsletter. 

Click Any of the Below Options to Start Building Your Nice Laundry Box:

Small (up to 6 pairs for $59)

Medium (up to 12 pairs for $99)

Large (up to 18 pairs for $119 - best value)