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6 reasons why guys are switching to Nice Laundry

written by Danny Groh — July 26, 2018

Underwear is something we wear all day long, but often take for granted. These days, new cutting edge labels are springing up to disrupt an old-school market. We take a closer look at Nice Laundry to discover why so many guys are switching over.


1. Their fabric is comfortable and breathable

Ditching cotton really helps this underwear take a giant leap forward in both comfort and breathability. Nice Laundry took over a year to develop a custom blend of Siro-spun Micromodal®. It's supportive, odor-resistant, and supremely breathable. 

2. Horizontal fly and anti-ride up leg bands

Most new underwear brands eschew the fly, but Nice Laundry manages to offer quick and easy access, while retaining great support. Combine that with anti-ride up leg bands and you'll hardy notice you're wearing it.

3. It won the "most innovative underwear" title from Wall Street Journal.

WSJ tested and ranked over 45 top brands. Due to Nice Laundry's perfect combination of features, materials, and overall feel, they came out on top. 

4. They offer a 100% Gamechanger Guarantee.

Trying a single pair risk free is super easy. Best part? No free shipping minimums like the other guys.

5. They don't look like they're made by NASA

Nice Laundry takes a more sophisticated design approach with tonal details and without prominent branding. We were never fans of wearing some random guy's name on our waist bands anyway.

6. You probably need new underwear

If you made it to #6, you probably might be thinking about upgrading your underwear. We recommend trying a single pair and reading some reviews to see what others had to say. Either way, you're covered with their 100% Gamechanger Guarantee. No need to return the pair you tried.

You can see their current collection here:

Find your first pair with free US shipping >

Update: For a limited time, get a free pair of socks with first order.