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The Ultimate Guide To Weekend Wear

Published April 07, 2015

If you tear yourself away from your Netflix queue this weekend, make sure you look good. As far as we're concerned, the weekend is the time to push your workwear to the back of the closet, and celebrate your freedom with some bold colors. Here we laid out some of our go-to weekend looks. 


For many guys, jeans are a second skin. If your weekend will be spent with friends down the block at your local hangout, don't overdo it.

Throwing on jeans (slim fit - no ill-fitting bootcuts) and topping it off with a sweater - maybe with some collar detail - will outshine the other guys who threw on a hoodie. Since the shoes are bold, go with a simple sock from the Prepster III pack. 


Ditch your jeans for khakis with a twist. With spring in full swing, don't be afraid of a little color. Top it off with a pastel shirt, and for crying out loud, tuck it in. Floppy shirt tails give you a I just woke up in a strange place and have to find my way home vibe. 

If it's a nice dinner, go for a relaxed cotton or pique blazer. For footwear, the suede desert boot is always a staple, along with a set of socks that pop from the new Dreamer IV pack. 


Up the ante for this look, and aim to impress with a pair of trousers and a well-tailored blazer. While this look is clean cut and formal enough for her parents, it avoids looking overdone (and overeager) in a full suit. Remember, it's the weekend.

A double-monkstrap shoe goes above and beyond the average, but still keep the look understated. In this case, let your socks do the talking. They can be a conversation piece, so go crazy and select a pair from the Luminary II pack. 


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