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We believe in second chances

Every Nice Laundry order is eligible for a prepaid shipping label, on us. Simply send us your old socks in the re-usable mailer your order came in and we'll take care of the rest. We've partnered with one of the nation's oldest and largest textile recyclers to make sure your old socks are recycled responsibly and efficiently. Email recycling@nicelaundry.com to get started.

Big problem, simple solution

The US is on track to generate 35 billion pounds of textile waste by 2019, one of the fastest growing waste products in the world. Fortunately, textiles are also one of the most recyclable waste products. A pair of socks can save up to 17 gallons of water and 66 BTU's of energy. Now imagine what your old sock drawer can do. We've got the capabilities to maximize the potential of all of the socks you send us. Sometimes the best solutions are simple.

So what exactly happens?

We send your socks directly to our recycling partner. Once your socks arrive, they undergo a grading process. The top-tier of socks will be cleaned up and sent to areas of need. The balance will either be repurposed as textile or shredded into fibers and turned into things like home insulation, depending on condition.



*Program available to our US customers only